We can provide a variety of timber to suit your specification but here are a few that we use frequently in our workshop.


A high-grade naturally durable Hardwood timber. We manufacture joinery from engineered Red Grandis, which is a very stable product. Red Grandis is used as our standard timber for exterior products with a painted finish. It is fully FSC, very environmentally friendly, and can all be traced to source. Please follow the link for more information. http://www.timbmet.com/uk/prod...


A softwood pine, used for internal and external Joinery, good insulation properties, the heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment, and the sapwood is permeable. Moderately resistant to decay.


Found in Congo or Cameroon.  A dark red mahogany type timber, it is class 2/3 hardwood, with straight and fairly consisted tight grain. It is a lot more durable than softwood and we would recommend this for external Joinery. Can be painted or stained


A durable timber than can be finished or left natural to grey. We will use kiln dried prime grade unless otherwise specified. Full of character, oak is a very well-known and popular timber.


Manufactured via a non-toxic treatment and uses fast-growing softwood timber from sustainable sources. The treated wood has very high durability and dimensional stability allowing for reduced maintenance and is a viable alternative to even high-energy man-made materials. It comes with a 50 year guarantee and we have been accredited under the ‘trained users of accoya scheme. For more information visit www.accoya.com