We can provide many different specifications of glazing. With many advances in glazing technology we can achieve a U value of just 1 if required. Our standard unit will provide a U value of 1.4 by using 4mm glass- 16mm warm edge spacer bar- argon gas filled-4mm soft coat glass.

Duplex glazing bars are a great way to reduce the size of glazing bars to keep them looking slim and traditional, and give your joinery a more refined look. How does this work? You have one pane of glass with a matrix of glazing spacer bar inside. Wooden duplex bars are then scribed and adhered to the surface of the glass. It is cost effective and our preferred method. You can choose patterned glass visiting www.pilkington.com/en-gb/uk/products/product-categories/decoration/pilkington-texture-glass

We can also offer slim double glazing, otherwise known as heritage units, which is superior alternative to single glazing. These units can be used in listed properties and conservation areas. (subject to planning) They offer a minimal site line so can maintain a traditional look with great thermal properties.

For more information on sealed units and slim glazing visit www.ncglass.com/products/s/sealed-units/2

Glass and sealed units can be fitted in the workshop or supplied for fitting by others.

10 year guarantee on standard units cover the cost of the unit but not the labour to replace.

Slim units have a guarantee of 5 years and that also covers the cost of replacing the sealed unit only.