Energy efficient glass

Our doors and windows come with energy efficient A-rated 24mm double glazing as standard. Using the latest technologies our glass has a U value of just 1.2.

Glass Options

GK also offer speciality glass such as leaded, frosted (satin), sand blasted detail i.e. for house numbers, acoustic, self-cleaning, anti-sun and more are available.

Glass Cross Sectional
Glass Options

Single Glazing & Slim Heritage Double Glazing

Details are paramount when retaining a building's established appearance. Single and slim glazing can be used on listed buildings where standard double glazing options are not deemed suitable for either architectural, planning, or conservation reasons.

Slim heritage glazing where permitted can be used to improve your home's thermal performance. With a small sight line and only a 4mm air gap, it helps to retain the warmth in your home without compromising the visual appearance of your doors and windows. With a U Value of 1.9 using a 4mm softcoat, 4mm cavity filled with Krypton gas, and 4mm float, it improves upon single glazings' 5.9 U Value.

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