Expertly Crafted Staircases

Staircases that add beauty to your home

A staircase can be an integral part of the design and flow of a house. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality product that is engineered to seamlessly fit your space.

Any shape, size, or fit

We can make your staircase in any specification or configuration. We can manufacture staircases using a combination of materials and
finishes to achieve your desired look and feel.

We will discuss all parts of the staircase design, and manufacture it exactly as you want it. We are not constrained to any particular style as all our staircases are made individually in our workshop. We can manufacture traditional closed string, open tread, winders, and a quarter or half landing. You can choose the spindles, handrail, and type of material to suit you. We will also take care of all site surveys to make sure each staircase is a perfect fit.

All of our staircases are expertly crafted and every component is fitted into place in our workshop to ensure the perfect hassle-free fit in your home.

Common Staircases


Open stairs have an open space where you would normally see a riser. Building Regulations stipulate terms that gaps should be no wider than 100mm so we use a riser downstand below the tread.


Cut string staircases offer a grand luxurious feel. The strings are cut to accommodate the treads and risers, brackets are often fitted for aesthetics.


A closed string staircase is the most common design style of staircase. The strings enclosed the treads and risers which are housed into them and wedged in place.


These type of steps are entry steps at the bottom of a staircase. They offer a more open feel and increase entry room to the stairs.

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We're experts in making bepoke staircases and have served customers for over 40+ years.