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Expertly crafted bespoke timber windows for Stroud

Beautiful windows supplied to Stroud

Looking for top-quality timber windows in the Stroud area? We produce a range of beautiful and energy-efficient windows, crafted from the finest materials to provide stunning aesthetics and superior performance. Whether you're renovating a historic period property or simply looking to upgrade your home, we offer high-quality windows and exceptional service, window installation and replacement. With a wide range of styles, custom designs and finishes to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect windows to suit your needs. So why wait? Contact us today or drop into our Windows Stroud showroom.

Casement and stormproof windows

Interested in bespoke casement windows in Stroud that perfectly suit your property?  We specialises in manufacturing exquisite casement windows tailored to your specific style preferences. Whether you prefer double glazed casement windows with duplex bars or single glazed windows to match the existing ones in a listed property or conservation area in Stroud, we have the solution for you. Our windows are equipped with marine-grade stainless steel hinges for enhanced durability and are fully weather sealed to withstand any climate. Additionally, we offer a wide range of optional extras, including ironmongery of your choice, an espagnolette system, and customizable decorations. Our team can also assist with fitting and installation.

Contact us today to elevate your property with bespoke windows Stroud residents trust.

Spiral balanced sash windows

Looking for a modern alternative to the classic box sash window in Stroud? Discover the spiral balanced sash window... These windows offer a contemporary twist while maintaining the elegance of the traditional design. Unlike traditional sash windows with cords, weights, and pulleys, spiral balanced windows feature a spring-loaded mechanism, making them ideal for modern double glazed units. Rest assured, our spiral balanced windows Stroud collection is crafted with the same meticulous care and attention to detail as the traditional box sash. Plus, they come with fully fitted weather seals to ensure optimal insulation. Upgrade your windows with our stunning spiral balanced sash windows that combine style, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Box Sash windows

Are you after traditional box sash windows in Stroud? We offer a range of options to suit your preferences. Our traditional box sash windows, complete with weights and pulleys, can be customized as single glazed or with slim double glazing (refer to our glass section for more details). These windows are perfect for listed properties, conservation areas, or for homeowners seeking to maintain a traditional aesthetic. Rest assured, all our box sash windows Stroud collection come with fully fitted weather seals to provide excellent insulation. Crafted using traditional techniques and with the utmost attention to detail, our box sash windows will enhance the authenticity and charm of your home. Explore our selection today and bring the timeless elegance of traditional box sash windows to your Stroud residence.

Part Q

Security Rated Doors & Windows

On the Ist October 2015 Part Q was introduced to England building regulations. This means that anyone building a new home needs to ensure that all easily accessible doors and windows must comply with certain security performance requirements as specified in PAS 24:2012.

Through the Joinery Network, we're proudly licenced and able to supply quality, Part @ compliant windows and external doors which have been tested at an approved test centre and will satisfy building control security guidelines.

If you have a new build project or are looking to enhance your home security, then please contact us for your free quotation.

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