Bespoke Timber Doors

Beautiful bespoke timber doors to keep you and your home safe and warm

We manufacture all our bespoke timber doors to fit the tastes of you and your property whether that be traditional or contemporary styles.

Wallbridge Collection Doors

We have designed a collection of doors with you in mind. Our Wallbridge Collection Doors are fully weather tested and designed to meet modern thermal performance and security standards. They all come with a 5-year warranty.

Entrance Doors

A front door is something you will use every day of your life. It is an introduction to your home, a statement of character, and offers protection and peace of mind. Modern double glazing and insulated panels enhance thermal performance, and multi-point locking systems offer the very best protection for your property.

French Doors and Screens

French doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add elegance and functionality to their homes.

Whether it's a large barn screen or a front door screen, we have expertise in designing the right product for your space.

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Lignum Doors

Bespoke wooden doors that are designed to provide both functionality and style. Lignum Doors offers a wide range of door styles, including traditional, modern, and contemporary designs, and each door is made to order, ensuring that it perfectly fits your requirements.

Choose Your Style

We offer full flexibilty in the design of your door and can craft a door that is perfect for your property.

Bespoke Wooden Doors

Our bespoke timber doors are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, epitomise timeless beauty and sophistication. Our skilled joiners work closely with you to create custom-made timber doors that fit perfectly into your space.

We source only the finest quality timber from sustainable suppliers, ensuring that your bespoke timber door combines natural charm with durability. Whether you prefer a classic rustic look or a sleek modern design, our range of options, including intricate paneling and unique glass inserts, allows you to personalise your door to match your style.

Our bespoke timber doors add a touch of luxury and character to any home or commercial establishment. As a statement piece, your door sets the tone for your property. Explore our collection and discover the unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship of our bespoke wooden doors. Transform your space into a true masterpiece with our expertly crafted doors.

Part Q

Security Rated Doors & Windows

On the Ist October 2015 Part Q was introduced to England building regulations. This means that anyone building a new home needs to ensure that all easily accessible doors and windows must comply with certain security performance requirements as specified in PAS 24:2012.

Through the Joinery Network, we're proudly licenced and able to supply quality, Part @ compliant windows and external doors which have been tested at an approved test centre and will satisfy building control security guidelines.

If you have a new build project or are looking to enhance your home security, then please contact us for your free quotation.

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We're experts in making bepoke timber doors and have served customers for over 40+ years.